Landscape Conversion Rebate Program

In 2017, the City of Derby is offering a $1 rebate per square foot (minimum 100 square foot, $1,000 maximum rebate per customer) for removal of well-maintained cool season grass and replacement of a more water-efficient, drought-tolerant landscaping or artificial turf.

Landscape Conversion Rebate Application

Applications are due May 31, 2017.
Funding is provided on a first come, first served basis.

Rebate-eligible conversions include:
  • Replacing portions of your well-maintained cool season lawn to xeriscape beds or mulched planting beds.
  • Converting parts or all of your well-maintained cool season lawn to artificial turf, as long as the material chosen is listed for outdoor use and is water permeable.


This rebate is available for up to six months after the pre-inspection date. As this program was developed to reduce existing water demand, you must be currently maintaining a healthy cool-season yard or planting bed to qualify. Simply removing the cool-season grass or planting bed will not make your yard eligible for rebate. It must be replaced with approved drought- tolerant plants or landscapes.


All properties with well-maintained cool season lawns that are watered with City water are eligible for this rebate program. Lawns and landscapes irrigated with well water do not qualify.


There is no cost to participate. There will be no fees charged for pre- and post-inspections.

How to participate

Call 788-0301 to schedule a pre-inspection. City staff will meet with you to discuss your plans and measure the lawn area you are proposing to remove and replace. The owner will then be given the authorization to proceed with the conversion. Once the lawn area is converted or removed, call 788-0301 to schedule your post-inspection.


After a successful post-inspection, your rebate form will be processed in 4-6 weeks. Payment will be made to the owner of the property. Pre- and post-inspection is required prior to issuance of rebate.

Drought-Tolerant Trees/Plants for South-Central Kansas

Information about choosing and establishing drought-tolerant trees
City of Derby Educational Garden at the Derby Welcome Center, 611 Mulberry Rd.
  • Plant Guide (drought-tolerant plants for Kansas weather)